1 day, 1/2 day, 2 days
Boat, Car

This tour will fascinate you, in which you will enjoy all the nature and wildlife of the Paraguay river. Wetlands, riverbanks, but also small patches of forest will impress you with its great fauna all around you.

Paraguay river Boat Tour – Day Tour
Paraguay river Boat Tour – 2D/1N
Amazon Kingfisher at Paraguay river
Neotropical Cormorant

Tour fee per person:

Duration1 person2 people3 people4 people
Half day190160150140
Full day270230200180
Two days500350280250


A breakfast served in the field (morning tour); lunch during a full day tourdrinking water and one soft drink;
ground and water transportation; specialized guides;
life jackets all camping equipments (two day tours)
Paraguay river Boat Tour – Day Tour
Paraguay river Boat Tour – 2D/1N

Enjoy a nature and birding tour on the Paraguay river, just 50 km from Asunción. On a boat ride through the river, we will head towards some less populated areas, where we could find large number of waterbirds, including different species of Herons, Storks, Sandpipers, Terns, Kingfishers. We will also observe several birds of prey, probably Seedeaters (depending on the time of year), as well as some of the aquatic mammals such as Neotropical Otter, or even caimans. We will also enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset (depending on the selected time of the tour), giving you the opportunity to capture unique moments with your cameras with the incredible nature that offers the Paraguay river.

Peñon of the Paraguay river

A Half Day Tour: Paraguay and Piribebuy rivers

Starting early in the morning (around 5:00 am), or early afternoon (01:30 pm), we will pick up you at the hotel or starting point. We will have a drive of about 1 hour to get to Puerto Piquete Cue, where we will ride the boat in which we will enjoy about 3 to 4 hours of the nature and wildlife of the Paraguay River. In this itinerary we will get up to the Piribebuy river, where we will do a stop for our breakfast (morning tour) or coffe/tea (afternoon tour). A boat ride in the Piribebuy river would depend on water level and amount of aquatic vegetation.

We expect to see about 40 to 60 bird species, and luckily we will have chances to see Neotropical Otter.

Paraguay river ecosystems

A Full Day Tour: Paraguay and Manduvira rivers

Approximately 11 – 12 hours of tour (including 2 hours roundtrip Asunción – Puerto Piquete Cue), we will go up to the Manduvira river, through the Paraguay river. Near the Manduvira river, we will be walk through the Monkeys Trail, where we will have chances to see endangered mammals such as Black-and-Gold Howler Monkeys and/or Azara´s Capuchin. We will enjoy a breakfast and lunch in the nature areas of these two rivers, and a coffe/tea to wait until we could enjoy a great view of the sunset in the boat.

Cocoi Heron at the sunset in the Paraguay river

A Two Days Tour: Camping at the Manduvira riverbank

Enjoy all the nature and a sky immersed in stars on the banks of the Manduvirá River. This tour includes two days in which you can enjoy hiking, the possibility of kayaking, or even sport fishing. You could also enjoy two lunches, including a delicious barbacue with the famous quality of the paraguayan meat.

We expect to see about 100 bird species, and we would look for nightjars and owls during night. All tent equipments (including air matress, tents, and blankets) will be provided, but there is also possibility of booking a room at Puerto Olivares.

Paraguay river Boat Tour

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